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Hybrid Distribution

Welcome to Rebound Electronics, independent distributor of Electronic components and the home of hybrid distribution representing the future of component supply.

With global sourcing and supply capabilities, we constantly strive to service the continually changing needs of the electronics industry. Our ability to handle all our customers’ standard requirements within the supply chain, regardless of its complexity, means that we continue to grow as more customers discover the true value of supply chain management.


New video Bulletins interviews Rebound's CEO, Simon Thake, during Electronica 2012 to find out about Hybrid Distribution and our new LED lighting company, FREEWAY Lighting Solutions - Watch Now

Group Director, David Myers discusses recent developments at the Rebound Group during an interview at ES Live 2012- Watch Now

CEO, Simon Thake during an interview with Electronics Sourcing magazine at Eletronica 2010 - Watch Now

Group Director, David Myers during an interview at ES Live 2011 - Watch Now

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